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Anthony Bramley

Anthony Bramley

Anthony Bramley (known mainly as "bramley") is a composer, saxophonist, and HTML/CSS programmer.

He frequently collaborates with members of the community on projects such as the Authentication Discord Bot. He used to run a project known as repl/place, a multiplayer project where anyone can do anything on the website.

Anthony is a Twitter user, calling himself a "D-list celebrity" and he has around 40 followers. His Twitter account is @bruhmley.

Anthony Bramley runs a YouTube channel where he posts coding videos and variety content. The name of this channel is unknown.

He was once banned from the Discord by Kognise. After getting help from the mods, he and his roles were resurrected, and his join position was updated to 6,657th, having originally been 5,641st.

His Musescore is @bramley, and his personal website is here.

He made a new Discord account called anbrofficial#7461, as his old account (bruhmley#0807) had been made before he was 13 (against Discord's ToS).

In November 2020, Bramley requested that AllAwesome497 use AllSeeingBot to delete all messages he had ever sent in the Discord. It soon transpired that Bramley had been faking his entire online identity. He resigned from his position as Guardian and asked to receive a permanent mute, which got removed sometime in April 2021.

However, he has decided to leave the Replit Discord Server, he has since returned.

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