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Coder100 (aka cookie, cookie man, coder, 100, and Hithere) is a great node.js coder and a deficient python coder. This is due to the fact that he uses two spaces instead of four. Recently, he has been learning many static languages including C, C++, and C# to get all the help roles on the replit discord. He is learning Rust. He has also gotten on to the developer spotlight here!

Repl Talk

On Replit, he has the most cycles (16599 and counting), and the only one with 5 figures, and is the only person to have more cycles than mat and still is alive (all others have mysteriously disappeared). He also likes to answer questions on Repl talk and has made a client specifically for this. He has been 'temporarily' banned from repl talk for being toxic. You can read more here.

He made the cookeylang programming language, and is working on the Europa programming language.


He is the creator of Chocolate Bot and also the creator of the Repl DB client for node.js on npm. He created it with the help of fluffin. Cookie is a musician. He also lives in the United States. He did not like dyno. Later, when Chocolate bot died, Coder100 made a new bot, called Cycle Bot. It is being updated regularly and has NO plans of being abandoned.


On the Replit Discord, he is the 2518th member, 4645th member, and 5355th member. Which does not add up and is strange because Coder has only recalled leaving once. He is most notable for saying, "BRUH ... WELL SIN'T THIS SITUPSID". Also, according to BlackyTheSlime, he is a prodigy. According to sugarfi, he is a Microsoft junkie and a fascist dictator. 90% of all slow modes on Discord have been caused by him. Hazel does not like 100 due to his immaturity and spam. Oh did you know he's now a mod?