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CodingCactus (aka Cactus, Coding Cactus, or CC) is a Cactist cactus that one day showed up on Repl Talk and the Discord. He is a Repl Talk mod, who proudly claims to have once unlisted 235 posts in a single week. CC is one of Replit's biggest content creators who is vandalized and attacked by mat, a confirmed cereal killer. His primary programming language is Ruby although he knows quite a bit of Python.

He claims that he does not like to eat cacti, but this is thought by some to be untrue. He has a huge collection of cactus gifs ready to raid your server (against Discord TOS)!

CodingCactus hates Minecraft as he may or may not be a 7 year old, but everyone else is.

Member of the infinitely superior GMTBST gang.

He used to simp on Nayoar, but doesn't anymore. See line of simps.

He is the maker of cactus bot.