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Used on discord server for moderation. It has since been mostly replaced by Hoot Hoot.

Dyno is also very unpopular do to it's very bad anti-spam moderation, which was enabled even in bot-usage.

Some opinions on Dyno by the Repl public:

"meanie" - CodingCactus#6777

"dyno is the enemy of eggs" - a happy egg#8831

"pls no more" - Space Fire#4611

"dyno deserves to be thrown in the pits of egg hell" - a happy egg#8831

On the 7th of July 2020, Dyno was removed (by kicking, then readded and banned) from the discord, much to the joy of many users.

"Aww I wasn't here for the great un-dynoing" - coderman51#8112 said after coming 2 minutes late