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Eekboi is a former member on the Discord Server who joined on Feb 12, 2020. Eek was formerly a Repl Talk mod, and was formerly Discord mod (better at modding than Bram).

She also likes this thing called music.

Eekboi plays the following instruments:

Is Canada person.

Also takes up 3.9% of the messages sent between Feb 12th to current day in #oof-topic.

According to her, she is "infamous" for being bad at spelling.

Is the result of the "birthdayboi" and "Birthday boy" role.

Survived the Great Editor Purge.

She left the Discord Server for unknown reasons, and randomly rejoins sometimes for less than 10 minutes, leading many to suspect she is wanted by the IRS.

Her Twitter is @eekboi_on_repl.