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Hoot Boot

Hoot Hoot, sometimes styled as Hoot Boot, is's resident moderation bot created by Zwack. It was meant to be a replacement to Dyno, but It's known to be extremely epic and everyone likes it (not really).

It is also known that Hoot Boot does not ban its users even when they reach or go above 5 strikes.

Current strike record help by TaylorLiang, at 7 strikes

Related: Hoot Boot Gang. It has also been confirmed that this is zwack and slip's son. Proof here.

On Friday, May 22nd, Hoot Boot's mail feature was removed and replaced with MailMan. This was due to an overwhelming about of complaints received by the Team, Hoot Boot loved to repeat the phrase "This conversation has been closed or expired. Sending a new message will start a new conversation." Hoot Boot is now unemployed. It is unclear whether or not it can qualify for unemployment insurance.

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