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Mus (aka Moopy or Musboris) is a mysterious being of unknown origin ...

Not really actually, because some people who have been around on the server for enough time know her name and some information about her. She doesn't share most of her information as readily and publicly as some other users on the server, however.

She was one of the first members of the Discord along with users such as mat, elias, and HappyFakeBoulder.

Moopy teamed up with JSer in the Database Hackathon by working together to create JSDB. They came in second place. It was the best Moopy has ever done in a Challenges.

Moopy has always been a mischievous user of the server and was once banned by Zwack because she spammed "ban me" in the #oof-topic channel on the server and attempted to come back on an alt account. This marked the month in which Moopy was absent from the Discord. After negotiating with timchen, Moopy was able to return to the server a month later, and everyone rejoiced (not really though).

The picture chosen for this page is an homage to the first profile picture Moopy had while present on the Discord, a picture of Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney. Prussia formerly believed Moopy is actually Fweak.

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