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Poop inc

Poop inc

Poop Inc is Piero's latest meme cult/company. It is shit. Literally.

Founded by Replit members cnnd and SixBeeps, the members of the Poop Inc Discord server invest in a cryptocurrency called shidcoin. It is unknown where the name originated, but it probably wasn't somewhere hygienic.

Piero resigned as CEO from Poop Inc on the 31st of August 2021, transferring the company to cnnd. They also resigned about 15 seconds later, stating that there was "too much controversy". They then gave CoderMan51 ownership, who also resigned. The former CEO of Poop Inc was spidunno, who refused to comment when asked about the company's illegal practices, involving 50+ offshore bank accounts.

Piero decided that spidunno was no longer a responsible CEO, and therefore was re-elected on the 18th of September 2021. cnnd also stated how they could handle finances from now on, and became the CFO again, meaning that both Nayoar and spidunno were demoted to floor workers.

Poop inc also has (as of September 18th 2021) eight separate companies related to it in some way. These include:

Poop Inc is also partnered with Sploinky GmbH, a company producing Shrekinators, which they supply to them and another company known as Zimbabwe Couples Counselling.

Poop Inc owns a transport company called Poop Trains LLC, which creates trains especially designed for moving shit: around three times faster than sewers.