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A programmer (plural: programmers, aka coder/coders) is an individual, usually human, who codes. Programmers use programming languages and have mastered the art of googling. There are arguments on what a true programmer is, but everyone agrees those who only know scratch and HTML are not programmers.

A lot of programmers go through great of pain to be able to create working programs, especially those who mainly use Java, Python and JavaScript. A true programmer spends as hours on end googling and going through questions and answers on StackOverflow (although ZwackOverflow is the superior coding forum). The art of programming includes hating programming one minute and loving it the next minute. Bugs are the arch-nemesis of all programmers and have caused many people pain beyond imagination. Then you have the imposters, that use scratch and have written one line of Python code before, that call themselves a "hacker" and offer to hack into anyone's Facebook account and make post 'I am a big poo-poo' on the Facebook account in return for a follow on scratch. Programmers can be spotted on places like and are very hard to spot as they tend to stay in their habitats all day. It is believed that most people on the Repl Talk boards are programmers, but it has been shown that not everyone should.

Many coders go to great lengths to create a useless program. In the process, they have nightmares, anxiety attacks, and procrastination sessions.

Many programmers also have at least one bad coding practice that they use, and frankly, the majority of them don't care; they just need to do whatever they can to complete their program.

Like anything, the power of programmers can be used for good or for bad. There are some people who use this great power to shut down websites or hold them ransom. While this is illegal, a lot of people still do it for reasons unknown (usually money, but sometimes clout or activism). These people are called "hackers".

It is thought by many that "programmer" is simply a misspelling of "pro gamer". This would explain why so many people are so bad at the art.

See also: idot (synonymous with programmer)