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Replit Egg Rolls

Replit Egg Rolls

Replit Egg Rolls is a real Vietnamese restaurant that serves egg roles, a type of food (located at 767 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107). The former name of Replit Egg Rolls was Digital Technologies, back when they used to develop Replit. Nowadays, Amjad Masad has discovered his true calling as a professional world-class egg roll chef, and the Replit Team have all been forced to learn how to make egg rolls and other dishes. They now only work on Replit when business is slow.

The first time that Replit had been associated with egg rolls was some time in early 2019 or late 2018, when a Google user by the name of "equipe Les As" posted numerous images of food on the Replit Google Maps page. It is unknown who this individual is or why they posted these images to the page, but their review was the first review of Replit to be posted on Google Maps. The images they posted included images of waffles with chocolate syrup, pizza, crepes, and egg rolls.

Months later in late 2019, the association of egg rolls with Replit was continued as a joke started by Grify after visiting Replit HQ and trying their secret prototype Egg Roll recipe, leaving the first review about egg rolls on Google Reviews. That review stated the following sentence: "10/10 best egg rolls on all the internet (amasad wink)". Amjad Masad would make a tweet on September 27, 2019 regarding Grify's review and the images posted by "equipe Les As," exclaiming "Latest troll by our lovely users: Google Maps listing is all pics and reviews of food." Also, according to Kognise, she actually went to Replit HQ and was given egg rolls for lunch. Later, Moopy proposed the idea to submit a request to change the name of Replit's Google Maps page to Egg Rolls to few members on the Discord. They came together and got the title of it successfully changed to Egg Rolls. They would later make further additions to the page such as labeling the page as a "Vietnamese restaurant" and adding an opening/closing time.

The meme was later revived by Moopy as Egg Rolls 2 in an empty parking lot nearby the original restaurant. This project was not as popular as its predecessor.

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