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Replit Improvement Project

The Replit Improvement Project was both a petition and coup staged and put together by frissyn in an effort to push for positive changes within the Replit Discord server.

Shortly after being instated as an Event Moderator, frissyn started to assemble a list of server changes, including an update to the rules, channel additions and deletions, permission reworks, and other things. A few months later, he gathered other community members together in a secondary server in order to get feedback on these changes and put together a petition.

After weeks of deliberation, arguing, and internal fall-out, the petition was complete and presented to the server staff. frissyn, hazel, and other members continued to apply pressure to the staff team, leading the staff to agree on internalizing these changes. Some time later, the moderation team made their final edits and adjustments to the petition, and slowly started to roll out these changes over a period of time, leading to the new and improved Replit Discord Server you see today.