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The shidcoin is a cryptocurrency created by Poop Inc.

The name "shitcoin" was originally suggested by firefish, but SixBeeps's "shidcoin" won in a democratic vote. His justification for this name was to "widen our audience". It later turned out that the domain was taken, whereas was available. Piero bought the domain but is has not yet seen any use.

Shidcoin was meant to become a cryptocurrency for everyone to invest in, however it is still closed to investors (as of 30th August 2021). The current investors of shidcoin can be found in the Poop Inc Discord. The shidcoin was kickstarted by Piero, who created a blender model for potential buyers.

Due to the investors of shidcoin generating no income (as the crypto does not yet exist), the phrase "no moneyz because no shidcoin" has been sent around both the Poop Inc Discord, and the Replit Discord, which even warranted shidcoin getting its own thread for the phrase to be sent in. It is often followed by the :nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo: emoji, which depicts a sad face holding up its hands in despair. The no moneyz because no shidcoin thread was terminated by CoderMan51 on the 28th of August 2021, after it saw more than 10 minutes of usage.