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Zwack (AKA: That yellow blob dude, Supreme Leader Zwack) is a community manager at Replit. He is also a moderator on the Replit Discord and Repl Talk and is one of the earliest still-active members, literally a meme.

Also quick sidenote: ZWACK IS A LIE.

He is most prominent for losing the old animated Replit Discord logo.

According to Zwack, his name is pronounced zw-ack. Others say it's zee-whack but it's actually pronounced zuh-whack.

Fun Fact: The yellow blob in the Zwack’s pfp is not a potato, contrary to bookie0's belief.

He is also a great guy 3>

Zwack has a brother whose birthday is 7/5.

On 7th October 2020, Zwack refused to follow the #timchen-praise channel from the Repldex Discord server in the Discord. This deed permanently marks him as a heretic.