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oh No

oh No

"oh No" is a phrase coined by Slip on Febuary 12, 2020 after Kognise said she was going to terrorise the friends of dotcomboom. One message after she said that, mat replied with "oh Yes". A few minutes later, mat asks Zwack to add it as an emoji, though his request is ignored. Two hours later, Slip created the first oh No image.

However, mat pointed out that this image would not work well as a small emoji and the background was not transparent.

The next version of oh No was soon created, which is the one we all know and love. At first it lacked the transparent background, but this was quickly fixed.

Emoji requests

This emoji has been requested multiple times to become an official Repl Discord emoji to join the ranks of srop and emote abuse.

The first time was before the first oh No image was created, when mat asked Zwack to create the emoji. Zwack either did not see or ignored mat's message as he did not reply. 10 minutes after Slip created the transparent version of oh No, mat DMed Edwin requesting for it to be added. Edwin simply replies "yes" as an inquisition, but does not add the emoji.

Next, in his quest to get the emoji officially added, mat asks Masfrost to add the emoji, but is told to either win a competition or talk to Zwack instead, so he sends his message there. Zwack simply replies that he will "consider it".

A couple days later, mat DMs Zwack again but he says "Yes, I don't think I'll add it" "But, if you win an event, sure".