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repl/place is an ongoing multiplayer project created by Anthony Bramley. The project is hosted on the website (online integrated development environment).

repl/place started as an experiment on December 20th, 2019. The project took advantage of's "multiplayer" function, a feature that allows multiple people to work on a project at once.The first official member of repl/place was Shane Vandegrift (AKA vandesm14), who prompted Anthony Bramley to post his idea on Repl Talk. The post has been lost or possibly deleted, but had more than 40 upvotes. The actual project has 163 members, many of whom are inactive.

The project has gone under many "snappenings", a term coined by the fourth member, TaylorLiang, the first of which brought about the deletion of the entire index file. The probability of this happening is very slim, considering the fact that automatically locks that file. This means that someone must've hacked into the site. However, details of that event are not plentiful. Many other snappenings happened, most of which are forgotten.

A while ago, a porn takeover occurred on the project. A member uploaded NSFW images to the site, such as a black dildo with dirt on it. The images were reported by Amjad Masad to Anthony Bramley via Twitter DM. Bramley was quick to delete any traces of pornography.

During one of the final moments of repl/place, TaylorLiang, CaitB, codesalvageON, and 1 member currently forgotten, formed a group called to code reich. Their discord is here:

The repl/place site can be found here, and a more detailed history can be found here.