Top entry contributors: spidunno#6969SixBeeps#1273 is a file uploading site created by piero and cnnd. Unlike other image uploading sites such as Doggo.Ninja by Kognise, stores files across multiple repls. It was started by cnnd because "why pay for AWS when you can host it on Replit am I right". The site itself is at but most importantly there are 15 total domains as of September 11th, 2021. It is also built in Node.js

It's built with ReplDB and works by distributing files across many repls that have been forked by users, as to get a token you must fork the repl.

To use it,

  1. Fork the storage Repl
  2. Run the forked Repl
  3. Go to the dashboard on
  4. Get your token or download a sharex/ksnip config
  5. Upload files.